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Whale is the all-in-one system for teams running on EOS® to help you document your processes, train your teams, and scale your business.

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Get a grip on your processes with Whale in partnership with Traction Tools

Traction Tools has partnered with Whale to create one ecosystem that connects all of the EOS® components.

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Whale - Where knowledge and employee training meet




Identify and document your core processes for consistent, predictable success across your teams

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Automate and simplify training for your teams, and track their progress to boost accountability


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Implement and execute your processes across your business consistently every time


Explore 25+ playbook templates
 and create a lasting learning experience

We know you’re busy so grab one of our 25+ templates and roll out new training manuals in minutes.
Or turn to our partner service that does the documentation for you.

Say goodbye to boring training manuals and unfindable online docs,
 discover Whale Vector (5)

Bring clarity to your team

Centralize and manage all of your core processes, procedures, and step-by-step instructions in easy-to-digest playbooks.

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Onboard new hires quicker

Whale’s editor helps you create training manuals that your employees actually love. Use video, images, Gifs, screen recordings, and more to bring your content alive.


Set employee training on autopilot

Easily train and retrain your employees on your latest process improvements. Create assignments, set due dates, and track the progress of your learners to ensure they never miss important training.

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Boost accountability

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your process documentation relevant and up-to-date with Whale's review and ownership system.


Generate consistent results

See exactly how your processes and teams perform and identify potential areas for improvement with the insight dashboard.

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Vector Plus, Whale comes also with a browser plugin

Have Whale automatically suggest the right training in the tools and apps your team uses and loves.

With Whale your employees will never lose time again searching for the knowledge that moves them forward.

Proven results in weeks not years

Systemize your business with Whale’s 6-step Proven Process

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Get access to all the features and tools needed to create your connected knowledge and training environment. Easily document your onboarding flow and train your existing employees.

  • Unlimited Boards
  • Unlimited Playbooks
  • Unlimited Cards

All of the Essentials

  • Rich Media Editor
  • Card Templates
  • Easy Search
  • Employee Training & Tracking
  • Tag Manager
  • ...

119$ Per month

Billed yearly, 10 users included.
Decreasing price for larger teams.


You have special requirements?
Get a price quote for enterprises

  • Custom Integration
  • Fitted to your needs
  • Customer Service Priority
  • Onboarding workshops


Free access for business coaches, Implementers, and consultants.

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